Advanced Intensive Audition Experience

annie grindlay teaching
At a Glance
The Advanced Intensive is on-camera auditioning class designed to deepen the craft and technique of actors who are currently out in the professional world auditioning and working in film and television.

Instructor: Annie Grindlay
Length of Class: 4 weeks, beginning the first week of every month.
Cost: $575 (paid in two installments)

The deposit ($175.00) is due seven days before class start date. If you need to cancel it must be done no less than 48 hours before the deposit is due. Once the deposit has been charged no refunds are given. Because of the high demand of students wanting to get in class we have to adhere to this policy.

The Intensive classes are a prerequisite before joining an ongoing class.

The completion of either the Advanced or Fundamental Intensive will make you eligible for an Ongoing class. An Ongoing class is recommended after completing an Intensive class to keep sharpening the skills you’ve learned.

What to Expect

In this 10-hours-per-week of instruction, we tackle many obstacles that may come up in your audition:


1) Get your focus away from “booking the job” and start living in the truth of the story. Learn to re-define yourself as the storyteller, not the “reader of lines.”


2) Get your attention off yourself and onto the other person. Find the gems of what compels you to speak living in “their dialogue” not yours. Remember, as human beings we react from what we HEAR, not what we say.


3) Pacing: These days shows are faster paced and you must keep up in the audition room. Learn what needs to be memorized and when you can use your page.


4) Environment: Give yourself a situation to live in. Your choice, to live in a room at Paramount trying to impress the producers, or live in the rich and enticing environment where the story takes place.


5) Physicality: What to do when you are required to drive a car, shoot a gun, perform open heart surgery during your audition. This always trips actors up. Learn what to do and how to do it.


6) Sit-com: Here is the only place where we get technical. Comedy is all about the rhythm, it’s like a dance. If you change the words or the punctuation you change the music. Learn how to use your physical life to “play the music”, how to find and execute reversals and how to determine the funniest point of view.