Fundamental Intensive Audition Experience

At a Glance
The Fundamental Intensive Class is an on-Camera auditioning class designed for actors who may have previous acting training and experience but are just beginning in the professional world of auditioning for film and television.

Instructor: Carla Rosati
Length of Class: 4 weeks, beginning the first week of every month.
Cost: $475 (paid in two installments)

The deposit ($175.00) is due seven days before class start date. If you need to cancel it must be done no less than 48 hours before the deposit is due. Once the deposit has been charged no refunds are given. Because of the high demand of students wanting to get in class we have to adhere to this policy.

The Intensive classes are a prerequisite before joining an ongoing class.

The completion of either the Advanced or Fundamental Intensive will make you eligible for an Ongoing class. An Ongoing class is recommended after completing an Intensive class to keep sharpening the skills you’ve learned.

What to Expect

In this 10-hours-per-week of instruction, we tackle many obstacles that may come up in your audition:


1. Listening!! – This is a basic problem for actors just starting out. Carla uses various exercises and techniques that show actors the freedom that can be gained if they just listen.


2. How to use the page – Actors tend to fight against using their script and therefore spend most of their audition up in their head trying to remember the half memorized lines. When this happens you can never be open and available to what is coming from the other person.


3. Imagination: The imagination muscle is key to creating the story that is written on the page. Many actors tend to rely on substitution which leaves them empty when the situation is outside of their personal experience. Carla spends extensive time over the 4 weeks teaching actors how to create story using their imagination.


4. Entering the room: Many have the experience of physically being in the room but their mind is in a frozen wasteland. Carla spends a lot of time working with the actors so they can enter the room as a living, thinking, breathing human beginning.


5. Mindset: In this class you will learn how you can change your mindset to think like a human being not like an actor.


6. Specifics: Learn how not to take things in the script for granted. All the clues you need are on the page. You just have to learn how to find it.