Free Acting Class
We offer a free 90-minute workshop on varying Mondays every month from 1:30pm-3:00pm. This workshop is designed for new students to get a feel for who Annie is, how she teaches and what her classes consist of. The workshop is not mandatory to enter the studio, but if you have questions or are not sure, this is a great way to get to know Annie.

Ongoing Audition Experience

At a Glance
Once an Intensive Audition Experience class is completed, actors have the opportunity to join an Ongoing class. These classes take place once a week and are offered at six different times during the week. Students are admitted as space becomes available.

Instructors: All instructors, depending on class selected
Class Schedule: Offered at various times during the week
Cost: $235/month

The Intensive classes are a prerequisite before joining an ongoing class.

The completion of either the Advanced or Fundamental Intensive will make you eligible for an Ongoing class. An Ongoing class is recommended after completing an Intensive class to keep sharpening the skills you’ve learned.

What to Expect

In the Ongoing classes, students have the opportunity to practice and perfect what you have learned in the Intensive. We work on camera every class with current audition material.

Each week we focus on a different audition skill:

Comedy: single camera and multi-camera… learn the difference.
Drama: don’t make it about how you feel, but instead deal with the person in front of you.
Close-up: how to tell the story and live fully with minimal movement.
The Callback: How to take the notes and apply them without losing all the juice that got you the callback to begin with.