Private Coaching
Specific, Focused Audition Coaching

Private coaching for auditions is available for all actors, including actors not currently studying at the studio.

Rates for private coaching:

Click on the email to book a private coaching session.

Annie Grindlay (

  • 1/2 hour $60.00
  • 1 Hour $110.00


Carla Rosati (

  • 15 mins $25
  • 30 mins $50
  • 45 mins $65
  • 1 Hour $90


Jo-Ann Pantoja (

  • 15 mins $25
  • 30 mins $50
  • 45 mins $75
  • 1 Hour $90


Patrick Cohen (

  • 30 mins $50
  • 1 Hour $90
  • Each additional 30 mins $40


If you need to be put on tape for an audition, we can record it for you in the studio, edit a completed audition video with your name and contact information and send it to you by email for submission.

Need Audition Coaching?

All communication regarding coaching must be done directly with Annie via email.

To request a coaching with Annie, please email:

In your email, please indicate how much time you would like to coach for and what day and time.

If you have questions about your session, will be running late, OR you need to reschedule or cancel; please contact Annie directly by email:

What to Bring To Your Appointment

  1. Please bring 2 copies of your sides.
  2. Credit cards are not accepted for coaching sessions. Payment can be cash or check. Please make checks out to: Annie Grindlay.
  3. If you are paying with cash, please bring the exact amount.
  4. Please see 24-hour cancellation policy below

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to make your appointment, you MUST email Annie the day before otherwise you are responsible for payment in full.